Bristol & Minnesota Renaissance to Debut New Limited Editions


Bristol & Minnesota Renaissance to Debut New Limited Editions
by Justin Theese

For 20 years, Renaissance Festival attendees in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas have shown up to Seventh Sojourn shops early in an attempt to "score" a Limited Edition soap. The blends that tend to lack in popularity rarely see round 2 of production, while the blends that generate buzz can sometimes see a 2nd or 3rd round, and some have even become mainstays.

This years soap selections at Bristol and Minnesota will see the debut of 5 Limited Edition blends; Birthday Cake, Citrus & Sage, One Night Stand, Ocean Rain, and Lemongrass. 

Birthday Cake: This aptly titled blend surely does smell like birthday cake. As always, we must remind you to not eat the soap because this one smells so tasty, you just may be inclined.

Citrus & Sage: For those of us who enjoy softer fragrances, this one is for you. While both citrus and sage are noticeable immediately, Seventh Sojourn has blended them to create a unique, one-of-a-kind soap. Get ready to relax because this soap almost puts me to sleep it smells so pleasant. 

Ocean Rain: This one smells so good you can put your body spray or colognes/perfumes away. A very popular fragrance across multiple platforms, Ocean Rain is lauded for its  clean, fresh notes and versatility. Used by both women and men alike, an online review states, "smells how soap SHOULD smell." 

One Night Stand: Want a one night stand? I mean with our new blend of soap, of course. One Night Stand is described as an enticing blend of  bergamot and warm, creamy sandalwood with rich musk. Smells so good it will have you saying, "hands off, this soap's taken!"

Lemongrass: This blend of soap isn't rare as it has been attempted by many soap makers, but it's a tough one to get right. Seventh Sojourn has crafted a very unique, clean, and enticing blend of Lemongrass that has been described as "a refreshing bright zip of lemon with notes of green." 

These blends are truly a limited edition (only 84 made of each, to give you an idea) so get out to Bristol and Minnesota Renaissance festivals early if you have your eye on any of these soaps. Seventh Sojourn anticipates the new blends to sell out early, therefore, they will not be available for sale online.

For those of our loyal customers from far, far away, like and follow us on Facebook for opportunities to win one of these Limited Edition blends.

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